Our law firm provides word class law services in Cameroon and across Africa.

Our team have unparalleled skills and experience in a wide range of legal areas that enable us to provide unique, excellent, strategic and innovative advisory services. We ensure our clients achieve their business objectives.


Companies Law & Mergers and Acquisitions

Our practice focuses on corporate transactions for public and private companies. Our services range from company registration to day-to-day corporate activities (organizing board meetings, shareholder meetings, approval of financial statements, appointment of directors, etc.) and any equity-related transactions. We accompany our clients for restructuring, administration and receivership, as well as privatization. We also provide corporate governance advice to our clients.

Chazai & Partners provides services in the area of mergers and acquisitions (increase in shareholding, asset sales, due diligence reviews, etc.) and legal advisory in the context of guarantees on liabilities, litigations, conflict of interest and shareholder disputes, penal code and business ethics in Cameroon and abroad.

Private Equity

The law firm provides advisory services in capital investments through transactions carried out in Cameroon and abroad in the context of drafting of protocol agreements, shareholder agreements, dividend policy agreements and salary levelling for employees and employers.

We offer transferability agreements of risk capital for business for young and innovative start-ups in the field of technology, telecommunications, fintech, renewable energies.

Banking & Finance

We assist our clients in project financing, trade finance, financing of fixed assets needs and import and export.

We provide assistance to banks and other financial institutions, DFIs for their lending facilities parastatals, African governments in projects in mining, energy, infrastructure and agriculture sectors, either in Cameroon or the sub-Saharan region by drafting and negotiating agreements and all ancillary documentation.


We have a strong experience in insurance law and we provide advisory services to insurance and re-insurance companies on industry related issues providing assistance on legal advisory or litigation.

Our insurance specialists regularly publish in business review articles and give part-time lectures on the subject matter.

Capital Markets

We propose premium services in capital markets. Our understanding of the financial markets enables us to provide bespoke services to our clients.

Our expert lawyers quoted companies, sponsors or governments in the financial deals in the stock exchange and other financial market platforms in Central Africa (BVMAC), West Africa (BRVM) and Europe (Euronext, LuxSE and ISE).


Our lawyers have extensive experience in the transport industry and advising players of this field.

Maritime law, maritime litigation, maritime contract drafting, maritime insurance, civil liability under transport law, indemnity, regulatory coverage and financing are also part of our savoir faire in this area.

Chazai & Partners also provides services in the context of air transport regulation, aeronautics, insurance under air transport, contract drafting and financing.

Commercial Law & Distribution

We assist businesses and market participants in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements (e.g. franchise agreements, protocol agreements, sales distribution conditions and lease agreements). We further propose our services in business take-overs, sale of assets and litigations.

Public Law, Public Procurement & Public-Private Partnerships

We advise and accompany our clients in relationships with governments, parastatals and public services. Our services include drafting and negotiating contracts and public-private partnership agreement.

Litigation & Arbitration

We assist our clients to resolve civil and commercial disputes as well as criminal cases. We equally represent them in the respective jurisdictions. Our partnerships across the globe enable us to provide relevant expertise with international standards.

Employment Law

We advise clients on labour law related issues, including drafting employment contracts, international mobility contract for employees, syndication contracts, social litigation contracts and health and safety procedures.

Restructuring & Insolvency Procedures

We act as partners vis-à-vis our clients in difficult situation (e.g. creditors, shareholders, financial institutions, managers) in the set-up of insolvency procedures (under restructuring processes, receivership and administration).

Intellectual Property, Telecommunications, Media & Technologies

With the assistance of our expert teams, we propose to our clients specialized intellectual property rights advisory, patent rights, drawing rights, telecommunications rights, media and IT. We equally assist in registration formalities with the African Organization for Intellectual Property Rights (AOIPR) and National Institute for Industrial Rights (INPI) in France.

Real Property Law & Real Estate Transactions

Our law firm assists our clients in structuring and completing real estate projects in Cameroon and the sub-region (including negotiation and drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, contracts for financing, etc.).

We equally provide advisory services to national and international investors in Cameroon and with cross-border mortgage litigation.

Tax Law

Chazai & Partners, in conjunction with a law firm based in Cameroon and in France, proposes tax efficient solutions to its clients (e.g. company tax, mortgage tax, wealth management) both for transactional and litigation matters.

We provide advisory services in key sectors with regards to business law.

Our team of experts is well trained and possess the technical know-how in different arena of business law to propose tailored solutions in different business set-ups and industries. This is our key strength.

Target Sectors

Banking & Insurance
(including microfinance
and financial services)

Medias & IT

& Consumption

(especially agribusiness)

& Natural Resources
(petrol, mining)


Real Estate

& airports

& Public Sector

& digital economy

Leisure, Tourism
& Hospitality

Health, Pharmaceutics
& Life sciences


Our Accomplishments & References

Our expertise is recognized by our peers and by the market, as evidenced by our following distinctions: